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Derived from the ten principles of Burning Man and the Black Rock City event, the Geodesic Inclusive Community Concept utilizes a network of geometric relationships and organic forms to transform the simple square of the Jeffersonian grid into a dynamic community development.  With civic engagement at it's center this community development concept prioritizes shared green space and equal distribution of housing types for all citizens.  

For reference, a sample square was selected not far from the existing site of Burning Man, however, as the Jeffersonian grid covers much of the United States, so to can this conceptual community.  The Geodesic Inclusive Community Concept can be implemented at a variety of scales.  A central collector means of transit connects each community to the larger network of arterial transit-ways and thus to larger metropolitan areas, while local streets and pedestrian pathways weave throughout the community to enhance interpersonal connection. Civic nodes or intersections provide necessary amenities to the community and are distributed among the various circulation intersections.  These nodes are flexible and may be designated as educational, business, convenience, etc. as the community sees fit. Residential development is laid out on a rotating hexagonal grid within which one will find four different hexagonal "lot" sizes.  Each cluster of lots is surrounded by shared green space that is collectively maintained, and each 4 block x 4 block hexagon hosts a variety of housing types and sizes to promote engagement and interaction

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