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At HjS Architecture we prioritize thoughtful design that empowers people and communities to build a beautiful, intentional and sustainable future. 


Our focus on collaboration allows us to provide a wide and unique variety of services. We strive for personal connections in our community driven design process that build on individual strengths and gifts that we believe lead to thoughtful and outstanding results.


Häns J. Schmidt, AIA, LEED AP
(612) 251-6915 •

Häns is the founding Principal of HjS Architecture. His 20 years of experience have consistently lead him to the service of diverse communities and individuals, fueling his passion to learn from and integrate each client’s values and needs with the natural environment.  With a life-long background in craft, Häns engages every project with a hands-on approach, finding opportunities in each challenge to refine and create beauty through collaboration and connections.  

Since founding HjS Architecture in 2012, he has served national and international communities including small businesses, non-profits, developers, communities of faith, and visionaries.  While involved in every phase of a project, Häns’ mission is to provide outstanding design and coordination services by empowering people to envision a more beautiful, intentional, and sustainable future.

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